fierce |fi(ə)rs| adjective ( fiercer , fiercest ) showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity

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fierce |fi(ə)rs|
adjective ( fiercer , fiercest )
 showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity

Fi(ə)rs was founded with a revolutionary voice and determination to provide accessible, handcrafted, quality attire for urbanite women across the globe. Our brand not only possess an irrefutable desire to provide superior clothing that expresses independence, individuality and attitude, but also a relentless dedication to improving the lives of women through our brand’s social action, philosophy, and responsibility.

Fi(ə)rs clothing is founded on one principle of innovation: “Don’t wait for the Revolution. Start it.” With tireless attention to detail, our goal is to provide classically crafted apparel with hand-selected fabrics and patterns that create a raw yet timeless feel and cut with each Fi(ə)rs garment. We are independent creatives; we take enormous pride in designing our own quality patterns and clothing. Because of our direct web based sales approach, we are able cut out the “middle man” and engage directly with our patrons to offer exclusive women’s urban wear (with a gritty street-art twist) at accessible price points. Every step of our production process intentionally takes place in Downtown, Los Angeles to not only ensure our high standards of excellence but also social responsibility. We keep it real by keeping it in the U.S.A. and we purposely chose to represent real female body types by selecting to photograph our friends, not professional models, to depict all Fi(ə)rs clothing.

Our brand has the lofty goal to not only represent but also improve the lives of women everywhere. Each year, Fi(ə)rs donates a percentage of company sales to a selected women’s charity. We stand behind our product, and with the help of your patronage, we are able to stand with our community.

Fi(ə)rs is inspired by and dedicated to all women who fiercely dare to live their truth despite obstacles, cultural stereotypes, and discrimination. It’s our desire to invite every woman young and young at heart to join our movement…a movement sparked by the an innovative alternative in clothing and beyond.

Live Fi(ə)rs!



Fi(ə)rs was first conceived by Downtown, Los Angeles artist, Ashleigh Sumner as a natural extension of her politically minded and street-art influenced paintings. Motivated by the limited array of women’s clothing featuring ruffles and bows, Sumner envisioned creating a wearable representation of the rebellious, raw, and artistic urban spirit found along the graffitied streets and alleyways of downtown, L.A. Sumner’s clothing aspirations were soon realized after a chance meeting in her Industrial Street art studio with clothing designer, Mark E. Walker. Walker was instantly drawn to Sumner’s work and the graffitied humming birds haphazardly spray painted across her studio walls. The duo quickly resolved to forming a collaboration to implement both their talents. Soon the newly minted partnership encompassed the creative talents of graphic designer and art director, Gia Esquivel. Together, the trio sought to create a brand name for their clothing line that defined the vivacity of the modern woman who has encountered defeat but will never be defeated. One word and definition stood out from all the rest:


fierce |fi(ə)rs|
adjective ( fiercer , fiercest )
having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness

Sumner, Walker, and Esquivel decided upon the image of the graffitied hummingbirds in Sumner’s studio as the perfect emblem to symbolize both the brand’s creative lineage and the underestimated strength and ferocity found in every woman. Armed with a name, an emblem and an undeniable creative vision, Fi(ə)rs was officially launched in 2013.